May 27, 2023
Buy Spotify Plays

21 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays, Streams & Followers

This article will provide the best places to buy Spotify plays streams, plays and followers, as Spotify is the most popular with the largest number of users and can provide the boost you need. Let’s take review all of the sites you can purchase Spotify followers as well as streams and plays from to be noticed in the world of music within the shortest period of time.

Each industry is competitive and the competition in the market hinders new players from expanding and making a name for themselves in the marketplace. But, the music industry is among the most competitive of all and is already overcrowded. Making it in the business takes time, and is possible only once you’re on the latest lists, which requires patience, dedication and a massive public. If you’re new to the music industry it can be challenging for you, but we offer alternative strategies to help you to consider. To boost your profile numerous artists seek assistance from third-party companies where you can purchase Spotify plays and followers likes, streams, and plays for your music streaming applications.

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays


Viralyft is an online social media platform and we are not disagreeing! Offering some of the cheapest packages for Spotify accessible, it’s definitely the best option you obtain. A low price doesn’t mean you sacrifice the quality of service you receive. With Viralyft this is the opposite , as Viralyft is always careful to offer you best services available from the most popular accounts through Spotify. Spotify platform.

So, the attention you earn does not harm your brand’s reputation, but rather aids in building it! The packages to purchase Spotify plays with Viralyft begin at $4.99 for 1000 plays , and can go all the way into $750.00 per 500 000 Spotify plays. When it comes to packages to purchase Spotify fans, the cheapest price is $9.99 per 100 subscribers. However, the packages can be increased to $149.99 for 5 000 Spotify followers.

SocialPros provides an organic services that offers you with a Spotify account with a wholesome audience by providing the most efficient service. Whatever your standing as an artist SocialPros Services have been designed to be able to serve every kind of artist, and will offer them with amazing outcomes!

The site runs campaigns until the number of followers/plays/streams you want have been delivered to your account. SocialPros utilizes large groups of musicians to offer you services, and to send out email blasts for millions of people across the globe depending on the musical genres of the artist’s. There are three options for customers who wish to purchase Spotify plays starting at just $10 for 1000 plays. In addition, there are three options for people who are looking to purchase Spotify followers beginning at just $20 to 500 subscribers.

The increasing popularity of social media and the necessity to establish a strong online presence Social media marketing is a trend and many brands use reputable service providers to improve their standing. GetViral is one of those sites that help you increase the reach of your social media by offering services for all social media platforms , including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Soundcloud. You can purchase Spotify plays, streams and followers through GetViral and their customer’s satisfaction is their primary goal.

Additionally, the website offers various affordable plans that will allow you to remain within your budget while meeting the requirements of social media. The packages include a 24-hour customer support service and the greatest part is that they’ll design a custom-made package that meets your requirements in the event that you are unable to locate a suitable package for your business from their vast selection.

The GetViral packages have helped to establish its status as the most reliable website to buy Spotify plays as well as all the related services. There are seven packages to choose from for those who want to purchase Spotify plays. They begin at $6.99 to buy 1 000 Spotify plays. The highest priced plan is one that provides 500000 Spotify plays for $750.00. All of these packages will be delivered within 8 hours.


In the midst of the many sites we’ll be discussing during this piece, ViewsExpert is undeniably unique. ViewsExpert has a large network of partners across every social media platform is used to promote your account , ensuring that the service or reach you are provided is genuine. This unique method doesn’t make you vulnerable to the risk by using third-party services.

The majority of third-party services use bots or fake accounts to provide service however in this instance, all the interactions you receive are genuine, meaning that you don’t run the possibility of being suspended or banned in shadow on this social platform from which services you use. You can purchase Spotify plays as low as $4.00 for 1,000 plays, and Spotify followers for just $9.00 to 100 fans. There are many packages you can pick depending on your requirements.

It was initially started as a service supplier for Instagram solutions, SocialPackages has come a far since then and is able to provide services for nearly all social media platforms you can imagine! SocialPackages is staffed by experts who remain in constant alertness to assist customers customers in the event that any unplanned circumstances occur that hinder the performance of the service.

It is a guarantee of complete customer satisfaction and you can visit their website to read some of the reviews posted by previous customers. SocialPackages offers services that are not just affordable, they’re made available from top accounts of the highest quality. You can purchase Spotify plays for as little at $3.00 for 500 play and Spotify followers at only $9.50 to 100 fans via SocialPackages on their website. is another website which is specifically targeted at Instagram. However, the range of services and the quality of services that it offers will be awe-inspiring as you’ll be amazed at the cost! In keeping with the motto, Fastlikes delivers you its services in a short time to allow you to grow in your business quickly. Fastlikes guarantees that only authentic accounts are utilized to provide services to ensure that you’re secure from being banned from Spotify or any other social media platform.

For those who wish to purchase Spotify playbacks, the most affordable package starts at $6.99 per 1000 Spotify plays. Prices can go up to $750.00 to buy 500000 Spotify plays. For those who would like to purchase Spotify followers the cheapest cost of investment would be $9.99 per 100 Spotify followers. The maximum is $149.99 for five thousand followers.


If you’re looking to grow your social media profiles making use of promotion strategies, UseViral would be a suitable choice as it lets you use its huge network across all social media platforms , by marketing your account. It offers services for more than eight social media platforms, and helps you to grow across several platforms simultaneously.

A strong digital presence across multiple platforms can aid in branding and adds credibility to your business. Therefore, you can take advantage of FollowerPackages services to get the status you desire. Packages for Spotify followers start at $10.00 for 500 followers , and the packages for Spotify plays start at $10.00 for 1,000 plays on UseViral.


Famups is the most reliable site to purchase Spotify tracks from, for people who are a believer that organic reach is the best and the effects it has for accounts. It takes just about a minute to convert your account from a basic to a professional account at a cost that is very reasonable! Famups only works with real accounts to offer its finest services, designed by its staff of online marketing specialists.

Therefore, make a social media investment through Famups and reap the rewards of an entire lifetime. To purchase Spotify followers with Famups, you will need to pay just $3.00 to acquire 100 Spotify followers. For Spotify plays, pay just $6 for 1,000 Spotify plays.


BestSellerMarket is an incredibly descriptive name and keeps its word to provide top-quality services to its customers. It offers the most effective services available that are available and is extremely affordable. It’s not just a site where you just purchase Spotify services, as it provides a range of packages to position your account as a significant player in the world of music. They can assist you to get to that point without spending huge amounts of money.

The playlist promotional packages offered by BestSellerMarket cost $99.00 and include the service for 30 days. To increase the amount users and listeners available on your Spotify account The package starts at $30.00. There are also packages that are compatible with Apple Music and you can pick any package that fit your needs.


The BuySocialToday website claims that its services will provide you with a fresh virtual appearance. This is accurate because its top-quality and low-cost prices allow you to change your social media to an image that you’ve never seen before. They will deliver small purchases within two days of purchasing which means that you do not have to wait around for the fame you’ve always wanted.

BuySocialToday doesn’t require any personal information, such as passwords making it secure for any transaction. The basic plan for Spotify plays costs $2.49 for 1,000 Spotify plays. The package for Spotify followers costs $0.99 per 100 subscribers. Spotify also offers several packages that provide the full range of Spotify services.


ArtistBooster intends to offer packages to provide accounts of many artist with the support they require to be noticed. It is possible to avail their cost-effective services and monitor them following a an order that is successful. The services they provide will not just aid you in becoming the professional artist you’re destined to be and will assist you in building a name for your work as an artist.

You can select Spotify plays from 500 to fifty thousand and choose to make the target selection either specific to a country or international market beginning at $4.00. You can purchase Spotify followers through ArtistBooster beginning at $38.50 and as low as $880.00.


StreamDigic is a website which focuses on offering services to every social platform, which cater to video-related services like SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. The site is simple to use and is seamlessly utilized across any gadget.

Not just the support for customers but also the real digital marketing staff comprised of experts from StreamDigic are always available to customers because they believe the service delivery will never cease! To purchase Spotify plays, you have to spend at minimum $9.90 which is the cost of 1000 plays. You will receive Spotify followers for only $6.90 per 100 subscribers on StreamDigic.


If none of the previous websites caught your eye Songlifty is sure to! Songlifty is a website which is committed to providing promotional services for musicians and is run by a group of experts who have been working in the field of music for over 15 years. Therefore, the experts of Songlifty know what they’re doing and create packages that assist your music in reaching the fan base it deserves!

You can purchase Spotify plays for just $4.00 which you can then give to several tracks, and target according to geographical location. If you wish to purchase Spotify followers it is possible to do so for just $45.00 and the followers will come only from active users.

SocialBar is a website that offers services for all the social media platforms such as Reddit, Telegram, IMDb, Tumblr, and Discord which makes it a complete Social Media Service Provider. The website offers solutions for over 20 platforms, and at reasonable prices so that it can provide your business the look and feel you’d like it to.

You can also purchase more web traffic to help you reach a larger audience via the internet that is a plethora of users or visitors. SocialBar offers all the services that are associated with Spotify like fans, players, and streams. SocialBar is one of the most reliable websites to purchase Spotify plays on because it has been in operation for quite a while as well as their advertising campaigns designed and set by their highly skilled team of experts in marketing. It is possible to purchase Spotify followers from 500 to 100000, and the site displays the cost in accordance with that. You can also purchase Spotify streams from 1000 to 1000000 on the website, which shows the appropriate price.


SocioBlend is a renowned digital marketing agency that was founded in India but serving across the globe. It provides services for almost each social platform. the user-friendly features offered by the website is what draws customers.

Contrary to all the websites mentioned previously, SocioBlend is a leading marketing agency offering services like PPC, Social Media Optimization, Web Design and Development, Content Writing, and even Link Building. The company is comprised of top digital marketing experts who create digital marketing strategies for your business that assist you build your brand’s online presence. Therefore, SocioBlend is a complete marketing company that can meet all of your requirements.

ArtistPush is a different site designed to promote artists . The site provides promotions for almost all music streaming platforms, such as Apple Music. In addition, the website promotes your account on various social media platforms to help increase your reach and give your music with the recognition it deserves through the many streaming services. also provides services to help with Personal Promotion using SMM and other methods.

You can purchase Spotify Plays from at just $5 per 1000 Spotify plays, with the highest as high of one million Spotify Plays at just $1999. You can purchase Spotify followers for as low as $4 per 100 followers. This can be increased to 10000 followers at $90.


SidesMedia is one of the most well-known platforms on the internet to provide social media services at reasonable costs. If you are looking for high-quality and genuine engagement for you Spotify profile, SidesMedia is the correct spot for you. With the help of the analysis tools, you will be able to observe the increase in the number of engagements you get after using their services. SidesMedia is mentioned in some of the most popular blogs, and they all are positive about what they have to say about it.

Furthermore, the past clients of SidesMedia confirm the legitimacy of the service and its services. It is possible to get Spotify listeners for only $3.00 for 1,000 monthly listeners through SidesMedia. The highest priced package is 50000 monthly listeners priced at $59.00. The cheapest available package for customers who wish to purchase Spotify followers is only $10.00 per 500 subscribers. Prices increase upto $89.00 for 10000 followers.


PlaysWiz is a website that assists you in getting the necessary attention for Your Spotify as well as SoundCloud accounts. The site offers services that aid you in establishing yourself as an artist, and also promotes your music to raise visibility of your music. Spotify is the top platform for music and has the largest amount of monthly users.

PlaysWiz has designed packages that aid your tracks in getting streamed and get an audience. Additionally, the website provides an account boost throughout the day. Start buying authentic Spotify tracks from PlaysWiz starting at $8.90 and then select specific targeting as well as for Spotify users at only $8.90.

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There is a broad selection of plans that you can select from in order to assist you in creating social media exposure for your business or product/services and help you establish an effective online presence. The website delivers orders within a couple of hours after purchasing and offers 24 hour customer service that can assist with any questions or concerns you may have. The site follows a thorough security and privacy policy that employs measures to safeguard your information from being stolen or compromised.

No matter what social media platform you require help for, LikeService24 will have packages which you can select from and to purchase. You can purchase Spotify plays through LikeService24 starting at 2.95EUR for 1,000 plays, and for Spotify followers, packages start just 1.95EUR to 250 Spotify followers.


Social Media does help your account gain traction and gives you an increased presence on the internet. Who better to help in the creation of your profile than experts? SocialKing offers you packages designed by a group of digital and social media marketing specialists that can will help you gain the recognition on social media you desire.

The company also provides consultation services to ensure that you can design and develop an effective digital marketing plan. SocialKing offers a comprehensive refund policy as well as an anti-spam policythat provides its clients with the services of authentic accounts on every social media platform.


FollowersUp is a website that believes the quality of their products is what defines or destroys their standing in the market and that is why they offer high-quality and affordable packages for their customers. Delivery of all orders begin within one hour following the purchase and is completed within a matter of hours. FollowersUp has delivered hundreds of customers with orders, and has become a top supplier of services in the market. All your personal data is secured so that you won’t be exposed to hackers.

FollowersUp has been operating for over 5 years and has not had any accounts get blocked because of their service. You can purchase Spotify Plays from FollowersUp for just $9.00 for 1,000 plays, and Spotify followers for just $3.00 each for 100 fans.

Why Spotify Out of All Music Streaming Apps?

Spotify is in existence since 2008 and has since built up a huge amount of users using the app. The constant improvement of the quality of streaming, its usability and the ability to share music through the app has made the app to one of the most popular applications for streaming music. This has resulted in an evolution in how we consume and enjoy music in the present. The other most popular music streaming apps include:

  • Apple Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Google Play Music

Google Play Music and YouTube Music have merged and now there is only one app, the YouTube Music app. With many different options that are available on other apps, what is the reason why Spotify still considered to be the most popular?

  • Spotify is a huge algorithm that offers lots of choice. Additionally, Spotify has invested greatly in the field of podcasts in a time where many people like listening to podcasts instead of reading books.
  • The app is equipped with an amazing AI that studies your music preferences and creates personalized playlists for you. The app can also suggest new songs based on your preferences, which makes you more determined to use the app. Users of Spotify also get mood stations that are based on their preferred music genres or artists.
  • Spotify analyses songs by analyzing the plays genres, the music, and your own personal preferences. Therefore, every Monday, it will release the Discover Weekly playlist, where you can play songs you’ve probably never heard of , but might like (the algorithm determines that).
  • Spotify lets you collaborate with people who are on your playlists. You can make an playlist and then add your friends as collaborators, who will be able to add to your playlist. Furthermore you can also upload Spotify playlists with other social media sites making it more interactive . You can also upload your own music.

Why Should You Buy Spotify Plays?

It’s true, like we have said earlier that the music industry is extremely competitive and it’s hard to establish a name in such a highly saturated market. If you’re looking to expand quickly, you should consider purchasing Spotify services can provide that additional boost you need to get an audience. If you do are able to access sites that offer you services using bots, there’s an increased chance you will be banned by Spotify will ban you from their platform. Spotify algorithm will block the user from their service as these bots will give you followers or likes that are automated, but they don’t actually pay attention to music. This means your streams will not be considered and you could be wasting money.

But, it does not mean that purchasing the service isn’t risk-free. In fact, if you purchase Spotify services from any reliable site that makes use of real accounts to offer your services there’s an excellent possibility that they’ll find your music, play it, and even share it with people. So, reading reviews prior to purchasing any of these services is crucial to establish if they’re using fake accounts or genuine accounts. Therefore, be cautious before utilizing these services to ensure that you don’t end taking your account into danger.

How to Purchase Spotify Services from these sites?

You can purchase Spotify services through any of the sites listed on this listing of top sites to purchase Spotify streams, plays, and followers. The steps are simple to follow as all of these sites are easy to use and have not many complicated steps you must follow to purchase these services successfully. We have created this guide to read prior to purchasing any of the services offered by these websites to ensure you don’t face any difficulties or issues.

  • Find the most suitable website to meet your needs by reading through the reviews of customers and then reading the particulars.
  • Find out the availability of customer support and find out if they are using authentic user accounts, or are bots.
  • Select the option you prefer and sort it according to your budget and amount of the service required.
  • Enter the URL to which you would like the services to be delivered and click Confirm for redirection to the payment site.
  • Choose the right payment method, fill in the correct details, then proceed to the Checkout page.
  • You can enter the OTP and then receive the confirmation of the payment. Relax and relax as the service is delivered directly to your account.

So, you can buy these services simply by following these easy steps as described above.


It may be challenging to get famous in the world of music but utilizing these third-party applications that provide you with a boost can aid you in reaching the next level and get the goals you desire. There are various other ways to market your music that you could use for getting results. You can avail the services of any well-known social media or digital marketing company to develop marketing campaigns for you , so you can market the music you love to people.

Another method to get an audience to your music on Spotify is to use Spotify ads. Through Spotify advertisements, Spotify helps artists promote their music to a specific audience , which means that there’s an increased chance that people are likely to visit your site and look at your music. This will get you more shares, plays and likes. Another method is to make use of the social media platforms you use for promotion purposes. You can advertise your music through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and also gain views from your followers on these platforms.

The faster and more convenient option is to make use of third-party apps which allow you to purchase packages for social media and assist you in increasing your followers, streams, likes plays, and followers. We’ve already talked about the risks that could be involved when you purchase Spotify streams, plays and followers from third-party apps, so take cautiousness to avoid getting into trouble when it comes to Spotify’s algorithm. We hope that this article has gave you a chance to think about the different options you have to consider for an excellent reputation on Spotify and ensure that your music receives the top treatment it deserves!

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