September 25, 2023
Public And Private Network

Difference Between Public And Private Network in Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to set up every Network which your PC is connected to as either a Public and Private Network. Let’s go ahead and examine what is the Difference Between Public and Private Network on Windows 10.

Public and Private Networks in Windows 10

When your computer is connected with a network the first time Windows 10 prompts you to confirm whether you wish to allow your computer to be recognized to other computers.

The response you give to the pop-up will determine the type of network your computer is trying to connect is set up as a private or public.

If you choose that makes your device searchable it will then be created as an private network. If you do not choose for making your device searchable your network is set up as it is a Public Network.

The Difference between Public and Private Network

If you choose to designate the Network as private, Windows 10 assumes that you are a trusted member of this Network as well as makes your PC accessible to other devices that are part of this Network.

Because a private Network allows Network Discovery, this kind of Network is ideal for sharing Printers and Files.

If you are on an Public Network, Windows 10 will hide your computer from other devices, and disables all network discovery capabilities for your PC.

As a general rule it is recommended to always use the Public Network connection, whenever you’re outside and connecting to public Wi-Fi networks (Coffee shops, libraries, and other places).

How do I switch between Public to Private Network in Windows 10

Any time, you can change between Public to Private Network or switch from Private to Public Network on your computer.

Navigate through Settings > Network and Internet and then click the Properties button to display your current network.

The next screen will show you will be able to set on the next screen, you can set your Network Type to Public or Private in the “Network Profile” section.

Windows 10 will setup the Network in a Private or Public, based on the type you select.

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