September 25, 2023
Default Music Player in Windows 10

How to Change Default Music Player in Windows 10

Change Default Music Player in Windows 10 – Groove Music, which is Windows 10’s default music player, may not be the Music Player you prefer to use. Below are the steps you can use to change Windows 10’s default music player to another music player.

Windows 10 Default Music Player

Groove Music, Microsoft’s subscription-based music service, is Windows 10’s default music app. It connects to Groove.

Groove used to be known as Xbox Music. Microsoft has now renamed Xbox music Groove to avoid confusion. The name “Xbox”, which was associated with a music service that didn’t require Xbox, was misleading.

Groove integrates with Microsoft’s cloud storage service. Users can upload music to OneDrive and have access to the same from any device, including Windows computers, Xbox consoles and iPhones.

You can choose to disable Groove by changing the default music player to Windows Media Player, or another Music Player.

Change the default music player

Select Default apps from the left-pane. Scroll down to Groove Music in the right-pane.

Select iTunes, Windows Media Player, or any other Music app that you wish to use from the pop-up menu.

After you choose an App from the pop up menu (Say Windows Media Player), it becomes your default music player in Windows 10.

Please Note: To find the Music Player you are looking for, click on the Look for an App in the Store option.

Windows 10: Unable to Change the Default Music Player

The following steps will fix your problem if you cannot find songs in your chosen Music App.

Select Default apps from the left-pane. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Choose Default apps by file type.

Next, click on Music Player beside the File Types individually. Select the Music Player you wish to use.

We hope this helps you to set your favorite music player as your default music player on the computer.

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