May 27, 2023
Disable SmartScreen Filter

How to Disable SmartScreen Filter In Windows 10

It’s easy to turn off or disable SmartScreen Filter for your Windows computer to disable this feature if Windows Security has been slowing your computer down or blocking the downloading of Apps and files on your device.

Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10

SmartScreen Filter is a cloud-based anti-malware and anti-phishing component of Windows Security designed to automatically run a security test on websites that you browse, by using a cloud-based, dynamic list of phishing sites that have been reported as malware-related websites.

In addition, it performs an assessment of the reputation of every download you install on your system, by looking at digital signatures that are associated with these Files or Apps that you want to download onto your computer.

When SmartScreen is turned on it should add another layer of security for your device, along with Windows Security or any other third-party antivirus software installed on your PC.

But, SmartScreen Filter is also well-known for preventing legitimate or non-harmful content in downloading. In fact, some users have complained of being incapable of downloading the personal Word, Excel and PDF documents through Google Drive.

In these situations the only method to download the Apps and Files to your system is to temporarily disable SmartScreen and then enable it following the download.

Steps to Turn OFF SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10

If you’re not able to download the File or app from a well-known website, you may briefly disabling SmastScreen filter and then Download the File.

Click on Settings, then Update and Security. Select Windows Security in the left pane. In the right-hand-pane you will see Apps as well as Browser Control.

On the Apps Control screens for Browsers and Apps select Reputation-based Protection Settings.

The next window will appear, deactivate Check Apps and Files and SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge.

Notice: When you disable SmartScreen Filter it will see a yellow Hazard Sign and a Warning about your system being insecure. It is possible to ignore this warning , or click Dismiss to delete.

In the exact same window, you’ll have the option of enabling or disable potentially unwanted app Blocking as well as SmartScreen for Windows Store Apps.

You should be able get this App as well as the file blocked on your computer without enabling the two choices.

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