May 27, 2023
Google Pay bank server not responding

How to Fix the Google Pay Bank Server Not Responding Issue?

Google Pay bank server not responding is a typical error you might encounter when you attempt to perform transactions using the application. In this article we provide tips on how to fix this issue quickly.

Unified Payments Interface also known as UPI was first introduced by India in April of 2016 and since then , transactions via mobile have become simple. In addition, because of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic the use of e-wallets and online transactions has grown exponentially. For transactions online all you have to do is to install a UPI supported app such as Google Pay on your smartphone.

So, what do you do if Google Pay bank server isn’t responding?

The first step is to need to change your UPI ID.

If there’s a significant amount of traffic or server problems or server issues, the UPI ID may not work. In order to resolve this issue, create an account with other banks, such as ICICI, Axis, SBI along with HDFC Bank.

To create a brand new UPI Identification, you must follow these steps.

  • Open your Google Pay App
  • Visit your profile
  • Click on the Bank account
  • Then, log into the primary Bank account and then open it.
  • Just click on UPI ID.
  • Then, click”+” to select the “+” symbol to create UPI IDs by choosing other banks.

Be aware that Google Pay provides only four banks to use UPI services. If you find that the UPI ID linked to ICICI Bank fails to work in transferring funds, you can modify it and then try to transfer the money once more.

This is how to solve this Google Pay bank server not responding problem easily.

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