September 25, 2023
Hide Or Remove Facebook Contacts

How to Hide Or Remove Facebook Contacts On iPhone

With Facebook being integrated into iOS You may discover many Facebook contacts showing up in the contacts list on your iPhone. While some users appreciate the integration however, some users are confused or annoyed by the many hundreds of Facebook contacts showing up on their list of contacts.

In this article, we will be giving you two options to handle Facebook Contacts stored on your iPhone. You can choose to delete all Facebook contacts off your iPhone or just hide Facebook Contacts in the Contacts list.

Unblock Facebook Contacts On iPhone

Following the instructions below, you can unblock Facebook Contacts on your iPhone.

1. From the home screen of your iPhone Tap on Settings

2. On the Settings Screen, scroll until you can see Facebook and then tap it.

3. Next, toggle off the switch for Contacts under the section “Allow These Apps to Access your Account” (See the image below)

Removing the slider to Facebook to On (Green) to Off (White) will take away all Facebook Contacts from showing up in your iPhone’s Contacts list.

If you’re concerned the Facebook contacts will be available and active through your Facebook Account, they will not be removed from your Facebook account.

Remove Facebook Contacts from iPhone

Another method of dealing with the overwhelming amount of Facebook Contacts on your iPhone is to hide the ‘Facebook Contacts’ group within your iPhone.

So, you won’t have access to the Facebook contacts in your phone, except if you wish to, by unhiding the hidden Facebook Contacts Group.

1. Open the Contacts app on your iPhone

2. Next, tap on the link Groups in the upper left corner of your screen.

3. On the next screen, tap the Hide All Contacts button on near the bottom of the page. It will change to ‘Show all Contacts’.

4. Next, tap only on the Contact Groups you would like to view within your iPhone and then tap Done. For instance, tap “All iCloud” to show all the iCloud Contacts you have from your phone.

If you’re in your situation there could be different contact groups, such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Simply tap on any Contact Groups you would like to include within the Contacts List.

This meansthat you shouldn’t tap the Facebook Contacts Group because you don’t want contacts from this Group appear in Your iPhone Contact List.

With regard to the how hiding Contact Groups function with iOS and the way it works in iOS, it may take you a while to grasp this concept. You can play around through the options to learn the way Hiding and Un-hiding Contacts work on iOS.

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