May 27, 2023
Outlook Start Automatically

How to Make Outlook Start Automatically With Computer

If keeping track of Emails is essential to you, you can configure your computer to start Outlook immediately after you log in. Below are the steps needed to make Outlook start automatically on your computers.

Outlook Start Automatically With Computer

When the primary thing users do when they log onto their computer is go through emails, it may be beneficial to have Outlook run automatically on your the computer.

This is easily accomplished by adding the shortcut to the Outlook application to your Startup Folder on your computer.

Also, if the next step you take after checking your emails is opening a particular Microsoft Office file, you could as well include the file to The Startup folder.

Let’s get started and review the steps needed to help Outlook Start Automatically with computer.

Steps to Make Outlook Start Automatically With Computer

Follow these steps to enable Microsoft Outlook program to start automatically on your computer.

1. Right-click on the Start button and then click Run.

Note: You can also start Run Command by pressing Win+R keys.

2. In the Run Command window you can type shell:startup. Click”OK” to launch the Startup Folder on your computer.

3. Next, open Run Command again > type shell:appsfolder then click Okay to access the new Applications folder of your desktop.

4. In the Apps Folder Find Outlook Drag it into within the Startup Folder.

From now on, every time you turn on your computer, the Outlook program will automatically start together with your computer.

Prevent Outlook From Starting Automatically With Computer

If you don’t would like Outlook to start automatically , or you feel Outlook has slowed the start-up time on your system You can stop Outlook from automatically starting.

1. Open Run Command Type shell:startup and then click OK , to access your Startup Folder on your computer.

2. In the Startup Folder click on the right-click icon Outlook and click Delete to delete the program from the Startup Folder.

Once you have done this, you’ll not be able to find Outlook running automatically on your PC

Notice: Adding too many applications and Programs to the Startup Folder may slow your computer.

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