September 25, 2023
Text Messages on Mac

How to Receive and Send SMS Text Messages on Mac

The Messages App on your Mac lets you send and receive unlimitted iMessages to anyone who has any Apple device. Furthermore using the messages App installed on your Mac can be set up to receive and send carriers-supported SMS text messages to people who do non-users of Apple devices.

Send SMS Text Messages On Mac

Your Mac is not equipped with any SIM card, and therefore can’t be considered an actual mobile phone in any way. However you can still use the Mac can be set up for sending and receiving SMS as well as MMS messages by connecting it to an iPhone using an Cellular Plan.

This is possible because of the operating system running on the Mac (MacOS) that can connect your Mac with your iPhone when a common Apple ID is used on both devices. Through this linkage both devices are aware each other when they are connected to the same network which allows them to send as well as take SMS Text Messages from an uncellular device such as Mac.

While you Mac may appear to be receiving and sending SMS Text messages, it’s actually your iPhone that is actually transmitting as well as taking SMS Text Messages with it’s Cellular Plan.

For the most part the ability to send and receive text messages via Mac will feel exactly the similar (if and not even better) the way it would using an iPhone.

Steps to Send and Receive SMS Text Messages On Mac

In order for you to set up your Mac to receive and send MMS and SMS messages, you’ll need an iPhone that has an Cellular plan. Also, ensure that you’re registered with your iCloud Account and both on iPhone as well as Mac with identical Apple ID.

1. On your Mac you can click at the Apple logo, and then click on the System Preferences option in the drop-down menu.

2. Next, click on the iCloud option within the System Preferences Window.

3. On the Next Screen, sign in onto your iCloud Account with Your Apple ID and Password (in case you haven’t already registered).

4. You may see an alert on your iPhone telling you about how to use your Apple ID and Phone number that you can use on a brand new Mac.

After you’ve confirmed that you’re logged in to Your Apple iCloud Account on Mac Go on your iPhone and verify that you’re logged in to your iCloud Account using identical Apple ID.

1. From the Home Screen of your iPhone Tap on Settings.

2. On the Settings screen, scroll down , and click on the iCloud.

3. On the next screen, ensure you’re logged into iCloud using identical Apple ID as used on your Mac.

After verifying that you’re connected to iCloud across both devices with identical Apple ID, follow the steps below to enable forwarding text messages for your iPhone:

1. Open the Messages App on your Mac by clicking the icon for Messages in the Taskbar.

Keep messages App running to your Mac (required to obtain the security code) and return on your iPhone to follow the steps.

2. Open the Settings app on your iPhone

3. On the Settings screen, scroll down , and click on Messages.

4. On the Messages screen, click on Text Forwarding Messages (See the image below)

5. On the next screen, you’ll see an array of Apple devices connected to the Apple ID under “Allow these devices to send and Receive Text Messages from this iPhone”. You can turn on the option to send or Receive SMS Messages to your Mac (See below for an example).

6. Next, you will get a popup message on your iPhone that will prompt for you to type in a verification code , as displayed on your Mac in order to permit iPhone SMS messages be read and received from your Mac.

7. Enter the Verification Code (As it appears on your Mac Check the below for an image) and then tap Allow. (See the image above)

If someone messages you via text message your phone (your iPhone) you’ll be able access the message on your Mac and then respond to the text message on your Mac.

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