May 27, 2023
Sleep Timer

How to Set Sleep Timer on iPhone or iPad

A sleep timer can be useful for those who listen to audiobooks, music, or motivational audio. You can use the following steps to set your device’s sleep timer to start after a certain time period and then stop playing Music or audio.

iPhone Sleep Timer

If you expect the sleeping timer for your iPhone or iPad within the Music app or iBook app, it won’t be there. To set up a music app sleep timer, you will need to use your Clock app’s timer function.

For music, set the iPhone’s Sleep Timer

1. Open the Music app on iPhone or iPad. Start playing your favorite music before you go to bed.

2. Open the Clock app on iPhone

3. Next tap on Timer. This will be located at the bottom.

4 Select the amount of minutes that you would like the Music to play, or choose hours if you prefer.

5. Next Tap on When the Timer Endes (See below image)

6. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Stop Playing” (see image below).

This will cause your iPhone to stop playing music at the exact time you set for it.

7. Tap Set in the top-right corner of your screen (See above image)

8. Now tap the Start button to activate the timer (see image below).

Note that These steps work perfectly with the Music app on your iPhone. These steps may not be compatible with third-party apps or services. Before you trust the timer function to work on third-party apps, make sure you have tested these steps with other apps.

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