May 29, 2023
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How to take Photos, Selfie and Video Using Siri

If you want to take a photo using camera apps on the iPhone Camera application on iPhone is straight forward but you can also ask Siri to assist you in take photos, videos or Selfies using your iPhone as well as iPad.

Create Selfies, photos, and even video with Siri

If you’re thinking, Siri does not actually press the camera button to take photos or selfies on your behalf.

It launches it to the Camera App with the desired mode, which allows you to press the button to shoot a images in the specific mode.

You can, for instance, request Siri to assist you in taking pictures using Panorama setting by simply saying ” Siri take a panoramic’.

Siri will start Camera App. Camera App with Panorama option already selected, all you need to do is tap the Camera button on the screen of your iPhone to take a photo using Panorama mode.

Notification: In order to utilize Siri Voice Commands, you’ll need to activate Hey Siri on iPhone.

1. Take Photos Using Siri

There are three kinds of pictures you can snap with Siri Picture of a regular size or Square image, as well as an Panoramic photo.

1. Say ‘Hey Siri for activation of Siri by pressing and holding the the Home button or the Side button (iPhone X and later).

2. Now say “Siri take a photo” for taking a picture in Normal or Regular Mode.

3. Say “Siri take an image of a square” to create a square photo.

4. Say “Siri take a panoramic” to capture the panoramic image using your iPhone

As we mentioned earlier, Siri only opens the camera when you request it – you’ll need to push the button for the photo.

2. Snap a Selfie With Siri

Siri will also allow you to access also the Selfie Camera in your iPhone.

1. Say ‘Hey Siri” for activation of Siri or press and hold the Home button or the Side button (iPhone X and later).

2. Next say “Siri take a photo”

Siri will immediately turn on the front camera of your iPhone and you’ll need press the button in order to snap an Selfie.

3. Record Video with Siri

Follow these steps to start recording videos on the iPhone Camera by asking Siri to shoot videos.

1. Say ‘Hey Siri” for activation of Siri or hold and press the Home button or the Side button (iPhone X and later).

2. Next say “Siri create video”

3. Siri will open the camera in your iPhone in the Video Shooting Mode. This allows you to record videos.

4. Make use of the front camera to snap a Selfies using Siri

In addition to in addition to asking Siri to take pictures and videos with your Rear Facing Camera It is possible to also ask Siri to utilize front Facing Camera to take selfies in Selfie Mode.

1. Say ‘Hey Siri” in order to turn on Siri as well as press the the Home button or the Side button (iPhone X and later).

2. Now say “Siri make a selfie video”

3. Siri will allow you to open the camera facing front in the iPhone with Selfie Mode, allowing you to capture Selfies with the front Camera.

As of now, Siri isn’t able to switch to HDR Photos, alter Video Quality, trigger the Flash, turn on Live Photos, or turn on Live Filters or Zoom in and out of images.

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