May 27, 2023
Transfer Contacts From iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android

If you’re moving to iPhone to Android You will discover below a simple method to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android Phone.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

The majority of the time, iPhone Contacts are saved in iCloud while Android Contacts are in the Gmail account connected directly to an Android Phone.

The simplest method of transferring iPhone Contacts onto Android is the download of iPhone Contacts stored in iCloud onto a PC and then transfer the downloaded Contacts File into the Gmail account.

Let’s begin by taking some time to look over the steps required to transfer contacts from your iPhone to your new Android Phone.

1. Sync iPhone Contacts to iCloud

First, check that all of your iPhone Contacts are accessible to download from your iCloud Account connected directly to the iPhone.

1.1. Open Settings on your iPhone and then tap on the Apple ID. Apple ID.

1.2. On the Apple ID screen, tap on iCloud.

1.3. On the next screen, turn on iCloud Contacts by switching the toggle next Contacts to ON.

As stated above This step will ensure you that your entire iPhone contacts can be downloaded from Your iCloud Account.

2. Transfer Contacts downloaded from iCloud to Computer

The next method is download of your iPhone contacts from iCloud onto either your Mac or computer.

2.1. Using an Mac or PC visit and Sign-in to iCloud by entering your Apple ID and Password.

2.2. Once you are logged in to iCloud Click on the Contacts tab.

2.3. On the iCloud Contacts screen, tap to the Gear Icon (bottom left-corner) and then select the Select All. This will allow you to select all contacts on your iPhone Contacts.

2.4. With all contacts selected, click the Gear Icon again and select Export vCard.

2.5. On the next screen, you can choose the Download Location (Desktop or any other) in your Contacts File to your PC and then click”Save.

This will transfer all your iPhone Contacts onto your computer in the format of the VCard (.vcf file).

3. Import iPhone Contacts into Gmail

The final step is to import the Contacts File that you downloaded (.vcf) in your email account.

3.1. Using an Mac or PC log in into the Gmail Account. Be sure that the Gmail Account you have is the same one that you’ll utilize on the Android Phone.

3.2. Once you have logged into Gmail and you are in the Gmail app, click on the Google Apps icon (top-right corner) and then select Contacts from the menu dropdown.

3.3. On the next screen, scroll down , and select Import.

3.4. On the pop-upwindow, click on select File button.

3.5. On the next screen, you can choose from the contacts File (.vcf File) that you would like to import, and then click the button. Select.

3.6. Once you have selected the file and you are ready to import it, select”Import”.

This will transfer all your iPhone Contacts to your Gmail Account, linked to your Android Phone.

4. Transfer Gmail Contacts to Android Phone

The last step is to ensure that all of your iPhone Contacts appear within Contacts App on your Android Phone. Contacts App for the Android Phone.

4.1. Open Settings on your Android Phone and tap on Accounts.

4.2. On Accounts screen, select Google.

4.3. On Google screen, select your Gmail Account.

4.4. On the next screen, shift the toggle next to Contacts to the ON.

Then, launch then the Contacts App from the Android Phone and you should be able see all of your iPhone Contacts.

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