September 25, 2023
Security Apps to Protect Your Android Devices

10+ Security Apps to Protect Your Android Devices

A new study has revealed that nearly eighty percent of Android devices are not secure. The vulnerabilities result from an absence or lack of updates to security. The Internet isn’t secure when users are connected to the internet. Security is a major concern nowadays and a lot of third-party apps have attempted to enhance the security of users.

The following apps can help you protect you and your Android devices from security and identity threats.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast is a fantastic application to give your Android phone with protection from malware and other dangers.

Avast is among the most trusted and reliable free antiviruses for Android It warns you whenever spyware, adsware is installed, and can violate your privacy.

The detection rate for the most recent Android malware is around 99.9 percent and it is close to 90% of all malware discovered within the last four weeks.

Verdict If security threats and secure browsing are your main issue, this application is for you.


Protect the security of your Android devices from malware, ransomware and other threats by using Malwarebytes’ advanced security features. Malwarebytes.

It’s able to quickly detect risky threats and take them out before your device is compromised. Malwarebytes provides real-time protection and scans for advanced phishing websites when you browse with Chrome. Chrome browser. It also warns users in the event that it detects any suspicious activity to ensure you have your safety while you browse.

The application performs periodic privacy audits, identifying the permissions to access the apps that you install on your tablet or phone. The apps can be tracked by that track your location, which can cost you extra fees as well as monitoring your phone calls. Malwarebytes is able to quickly scan all your documents for malware and dangerous programs, like screens lockers, adware and others.

It is compatible with Android Versions 6.0 or greater and supports languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Polish, and Portuguese.

Are you interested in trying it?

Malwarebytes gives a 30-day no-cost trial that includes all premium features. You can purchase the basic package for $3.33/month for one device or select a plan with a higher price to add more devices.


One of the most well-known security applications – VIPRE for Android Security is a fantastic alternative. It places the safety of your gadget first by securing it from more than 20,000 known viruses and malware. Androids.

This security program is loaded with features that are powerful, such as an updated Malware Scanner that has the latest information about different malware. It will automatically scan all the apps you install after you install them. Web Protection Web Protection can detect malicious items while you’re browsing the web.

The Anti-Theft function can be used to locate the device, lock it, alarms that sound, and erase the tablet or phone from other devices connected to the internet. The brand-new Autopilot acts as your security adviser, and offers deep insight into your device’s security condition. VIPRE Android Security gives you total security for your account by allowing you to perform a scan to verify whether your credentials are secure or not.

If you are using an encrypted Wi-Fi, such as your home Wi-Fi, Smart Unlock permits you to access your apps directly when you remove the PIN. Through it’s PIN Timeout feature, you can assign a timeout of 30 seconds for your PIN. If you make five unsuccessful attempts in succession, it will show “Timeout”.

The security app will also take photos if anyone attempts to hack into your device. To be able to use this app it is required to run Android version 5.0 or higher, along with a reliable internet connection to enable cloud threat detection. Purchase VIPRE Android Security for only $15.99/year per device.

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A complete security program, Nox Security will help you secure your devices from malware and other dangers. It’s like having one device that is able to tackle all security threats. This application can:

  • Make sure your phone is safe from malware and viruses
  • Lock and protect your applications to protect data breaches and privacy issues
  • Stop others from looking at your notification menu
  • Block unwanted and spam calls

In addition to these security options, Nox Security also helps to clean up junk files, shut down power-sucking applications, and defend your phone against Wifi attack on networks.

Safe Security

Another app similar to this one that offers nearly everything you need to protection from virus, Safe Security will also assist you in cleaning and accelerate your device. Beyond the security against threats it already provides it also comes with an array of interesting features you’ll want to try. Here are a few of them:

  • Instant selfie clicks of the person who is trying to make use of your phone without permission
  • Stay away from unnecessary notifications to remain productive
  • You can password-protect certain applications you like
  • Manually scan installed applications and files to look for any vulnerabilities

Safe Security is trusted by more than 200 million customers around the world and boasts a plethora of rave reviews.


There are apps that we only use a couple of times or for one purpose, and then maintain it as is. In those instances, it’s not making sense to keep the permissions in place. But, in general it’s impossible to disable the permissions however, there’s an app for that.

Bouncer allows you to retain or eliminate permissions at any time and can even block certain actions from the application that are incongruous to you. It also alerts you to any applications on your device that drain your battery rapidly and that seem to offer your data to third parties.

Firefox Focus

There’s nothing better than browsing with no fear which is why Firefox Focus helps you do just that. It’s an incredible internet browser, which block a broad variety of trackers, while erases your passwords, history as well as cookies.

By blocking unnecessary ads and trackers you’ll be able surf more quickly. Because the app comes from Mozilla and is completely free and offers you the fundamental right to browse privately.


Sophos is among the most effective antivirus applications one can install on Android completely free of cost.

The user interface might not be awe-inspiring to you. But the features it offers will relax your mind.


  • The virus scanning process is available for applications that are installed, apps that are already in use and storage media
  • Security against theft and loss through the remote access feature that allows you to wipe or lock, ring and find your device.
  • Web-filtering
  • Blocking spam

Sophos boasts the most up-to-date malware detection rate of 100 percent, which makes it easier to distinguish itself from other antivirus programs.

Signal Messenger

There are numerous safe messaging apps. However, they tend to are only effective if both users are using the same application.

But, Signal Private Messenger lets you provide an additional layer of protection to text messages, even if one of the participants isn’t using Signal Private Messenger. It was created in partnership with Open Whisper System.

These are the most notable highlights

  • Open Source
  • End-to-end encryption means that nothing is saved on its server.
  • It is possible to encrypt messages even if each user does not use Signal Private Messenger.

Verdict If you’re looking for an all-encompassing secure encryption for your SMS’s, Signal Private Messenger is definitely the most effective app on the market.

Secure Call

It secures that your calls are recorded in an approach that no one will hear them. Secure Call ensures end-to-end encryption for your calls, thereby preventing your calls from being recorded by hackers.

It utilizes an existing phone application that allows you to receive and make calls. The app’s Peer to Peer structure that has a strong encryption from end to end prevents your phone numbers from being taken by third parties which includes the creators of the app.

Verdict If you are looking for complete encryption for your phone calls, choose Secure Call.

Find My Device

Find My Device is a new version of the Android Device Manager it lets you unlock, ring, or locate and lock your Android smartphone remotely. It also lets you erase the entire device’s data in the event that, on the chance, gets beyond your reach.

Numerous other apps provide this feature along with other top-of-the-line services.

But, Google has the advantage of being most straightforward to configure and allows users to sign in through an other Android device manager and erase the data off your device when you travel.

Verdict If you’d like access to use your smartphone remotely, you can use the Android Device Manager.

NoRoot Firewall

A lot of apps on your Android device may be using and using up all of your mobile data in a way that isn’t necessary.

NoRoot Firewall puts you in the control over Internet access for applications with no root permissions on your gadget. It lets us choose whether an app will connect to the Internet exclusively via WiFi or just through mobile data, or both.


Orbot can be described as an Android application that is a component of the Tor project, that lets you send all your traffic over your Tor system.

VPN uses one server, while Tor sends your traffic through various tunnels to ensure that no trace is left behind. Orbot provides a truly private data connection for mobile devices. Data is encrypted and then re-encrypted

Data is encrypted and then encrypted numerous times until it is finally in the network, where it is decrypted and prevents any sender being tracked.


The task of remembering passwords in the modern world is difficult, especially with people using multiple accounts online and each one has a unique password.

LastPass can be described as one of the most effective password management tools that are available which lets you keep passwords from your many accounts while adding additional levels of protection.

It is easy to access all your private information from any mobile or desktop computer. Secured through a master password that is secret All you have to remember is a single LastPass username to gain access to all your passwords.

V erdict One secure step place to locate all your passwords.


I hope that the security-related applications will help ensure that your Andriod devices and mobiles secure and safe. Check out the rest of the most effective antivirus apps that are available on Android.

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